Students? Shimmy and seethe

Last night I went to see the Northern School of Contemporary Dance‘s Student Showcase with a lovely friend (whose new man is Deptford Goth – watch his space). Five out of my nine contemporary dancing housemates were performing, and it was a mixed bag to be honest. Luckily, when it comes to dance, I’m not (yet) that fussy.  While the first years responded to Antony’s Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ with human chains of tide, floating flotsam lifts and transient coastal structures, the second and third years moved to a baffling array of stimulus in several short pieces. One of the pieces was possibly an ode to An American Tail, another jabbed clumsily at immigrant sex trading and female genital mutilation (whilst wearing shiny red sequined bras – juxtaporubbish), another skitted sexily around the stage to swaggering rock-n-roll, channeling the Californian deserts – or something like that. The evening gave me some good ideas for movement, and I did enjoy seeing my housemates shimmy, but my friend (who is a world class contemporary dancer fresh off tour – ie, someone with taste) thought it was an insult to the art form. Undergraduate performance shows are often marred with technical difficulties and some really dodgy, overbearing direction/choreography from well-meaning but despotic tutors (really, I should know), with some of the school’s ‘stars’ pulling up the standard and giving a good twirl. The stars last night really did shine, but so much more for the blackness surrounding them.

I’m beginning to love dance (and pining for a summer intensive workshop that I can afford, is deliciously nestled in some quaint arbor, has the right balance of hemp kaftan’s and technical tools, and which I can bound out of, a hot frikn dancer. Don’t you make fun of me. Any suggestions are most welcome… )

Another thing students are doing this is getting very angry and shouty. Politics, thy name is covered in muck. This kid below seems to have summarized the plaque of bullshititus that has riddled the Tory Farty (oops, typo!) regarding the selling off of the NHS. Cruckin genius.

I offer that as a mighty two finger salute to the precocious little 1st year politics hickdweeb who called me racist yesterday when I tried to explain to him a little bit about culture and heritage in the Middle East. We can raise awareness by doing a lot more than stomping, shouting and holding placards, you vile ginger oik. xxx