When they say fight back, you say ‘but where will I buy my foie gras?’

There is something seriously vile about spoiled trustfunditizens who are more outraged when a luxury cheese-vendor is occupied than when healthcare and education are sold to the highest bidder. I would add hyperlinks to the offending twats on the Social Network that have riled me up the vitriolic lamppost this morning, but I’m not a journalist and therefore have no reason to abuse peoples’ right to privacy. Grow a sense of morality (not the same as a sense of taste, or fashion sense, closer to common sense, but with wider implications) or please leave opinions to the people who will suffer their consequences. O sorry, was your face too full with the oft baked cake-o-privilege to see the suffering and injustice being peddled out against your neighbours?

The following Guardian video gives a much more balanced view on yesterday’s March for the Alternative protest in London.


When even the friendliest factions of the mainstream press divide those participating in political dissent into ‘marchers’ and ‘criminals’, how can solidarity hope to manifest? The beans that burn at the bottom of the pan were being prepared for your meal just as much as those that ended up on your plate. Strangle metaphor, but it’s the morning (well, afternoon but only because the clocks have gone forward, bastards). Baked beans, again?