Goodbye 2011. An ode to overproductivity (and the future of obsession)

Dear 2011,

We did so much together. Sometimes I thought, you know, that we really had something going on. Sometimes I hated you so much. Together, we were a whole thing. But even though I know you’re not that far away, I feel like there is an invisible line drawn between us, a veil.

Some say that you were all about dictators and protests. But I know we had more going than that. We finished my MA, writing about revolutionary carnivals, pedagogy and the performance of fame, posthumanism and west coast spirituality. They all died, all those that are gone now, they all died. Then we rode a bicycle around inside the theatre, toasted turmeric for the cabaret crowd, fell in love, swept up all my transgressions and took London for a ride.

And now I’ve got the Hutch. We did that too, you, me and the bunnies.

But I have to tell you. This year and me, that’s right, yours truly and 2012, we’re gonna be BIG. Couldn’t have done it without you, but there’s no looking back now.

Me and 2012 are already obsessed with each other. Obsessed with everything we’ve got time for, with each other, with all our friends.

There’s the Stockholm Independent Art Fair with BasementArtsProject in February, followed a week later by everything that (in)Xclusion contains. Then the Hutch opens it’s doors all day on Saturday 24th March to celebrate the beginning of Spring again. There will be so much singing this year.

My newest obsession: One Day : Day One.

Goodbye 2011.

Hello world.