You Me Two Spoons

Solo song-based performance. Fragments of melody and found actions enmeshed to respond to an experimental musical score composed by Sam Slater. Live looping of vocal performance and a variety of sound sources cast a sonic landscape over tea, toast and lots of spoons to dis/place the potential narrative of romance.

First performed at Sunday 12th June 2011 at The Junction in Goole as part of Proto-type Theater‘s Sunday Lunch Club, an ongoing Art’s Council funded theatre networking initiative led by Compass Live Art.

Second performance Thursday 7th July 2011 at Something in the Loft, a monthly experimental music night at The Fenton in Leeds.

Third performance Friday 23rd November 2012 at the Live Art Bistro as part of Come Find Us, Leeds.

Forth performance Saturday 21st September 2013 at ]performance s p a c e[, London.

This audio track is only a partial representation of the performance at The Fenton, excluding as it is bound to the actions that generated sound. The score below provides another document. Hopefully they will fuel the fires of your imagination.

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