2. God Gave Rock and Roll…


Over 24 hours, God Gave Rock and Roll… depicts a life embroidered out of space and time, fist-pumping and calls to prayer, the cold comfort of an iron veil, and surveillance mutely maintaining the hidden agenda.

Where Sweetmud spun cyclical rhythms of transgression and prohibition, GGRR… seeks to sing out the longing for identity and identification trapped between these two.

Dressed in a wedding dress and chador, the performer sits, embroiders, and sings behind a black gauze veil that separates her from the world. She speaks, sews and sings only in Farsi, to herself, her birds and her visitors. She has comforts with her, fruit, sweets, teas, scents and two colourful birds hanging in their cage. She offers hospitality to her visitors on the other side of the veil.

She has only one message: ‘God gives rock and roll to you…!’ When it is time for azan she cuts a hole in the veil and calls all the faithful to prayer, to praise greatness, Allah Akbar!, and sings Kiss’ thanks for rock and roll. Throughout, a CCTV camera records her and a screen displays her on the other side of the veil, mutely maintaining a hidden agenda.

God Gave Rock and Roll...

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