Sink or Sing

SARA ZALTASH /// Sink or Sing from ADAM BARNETT on Vimeo.

Sara Zaltash Sink or Sing Pool Edge

BBC News

1st June – 8th September 2013

100 days of trying to swim to Bestival, while singing.

 Singing 100 verses about the impossibility of changing fate.

5th September.

1.3 miles.

Hurst Castle to Colwell Bay.

Breast stroke.

No wetsuit.


It’s about me wanting to change myself, grow up and, leave expectation + rat race + predictable bullshit + comfort behind to actually be comfortable with myself + all that I have learned

It’s about inner peace and other placebos

It’s about enacting the philosophies of Bergson, Laruelle and Blanchot just because you can. 

It’s about an over-educated girl trying to become a digital witch

It’s about a girl who thinks too much trying to become a digital witch metaphysical goddess sorcerer divine force soothsayer metaphysical goddess

It’s about a girl who thinks too much trying to become a metaphysical goddess – by swimming to Bestival, while singing. 

It’s about a girl who thinks she is a goddess trying to stop being a human woman by swimming to Bestival while singing. 

It’s about the kind of girl you wouldn’t wish on your parents trying to become a wizard/goddess/diviner – by swimming to Bestival. While singing. While singing a song that she has written about fate.

It’s about the New Aesthetic of divination. 

It’s about fate, about how you can’t be in a dynamic relationship with fate – no matter how much you chase after it, fate evades you. And if you try to run away from it, fate catches up with you. So you are stuck in a perpetual motion, whirling round and round, getting nowhere easily. Singing and swimming. 

It’s about a performance artist swimming to Bestival while singing a 100-verse ballad about fate.

It’s about all the shit you have to go through to get an idea off the ground.

It’s not about making it easy for yourself.

It’s about an artist who is swimming to Bestival while singing.

It’s about a girl who is only happy while she is being brave.


Interview with The Journal of Wild Culture


Bestival from ITV News Meridian on Vimeo.


BBC Berkshire online


Reading Chronicle

Reading Evening Post

Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Standard


BBC Radio Berkshire

Reading 107

Sink or Sing


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