Ah-be (Farsi): Blue. 


after they opened the gardens here, babajaan, a woman arrived with her true love – she had walked all the way from England…


In 2017, Sara Zaltash will begin to stream a continuous sound as she walks from the source of the River Thames to the heart of Tehran in order to deliver her true love to her only remaining grandparent.

First Watercolour

Departing from Kemble as dawn breaks on 21st March 2017, the first day of Spring and the Persian New Year 1396, Sara will carry her sonic ambulation alongside the waterways of the Thames, the English Channel, the Rhine, the Danube, the Black Sea, the Rioni, the Kura and the Caspian. The journey will conclude on 15th October 2018 at the third annual Filtering Garden Festival, celebrating the UN’s Hydrocity project which addresses the looming water crisis by re-opening Iran’s ancient underground qanaat aqueduct network. Undertaking a contemporary pilgrimage of almost 5000 miles in 573 days, broadcasting the sound of the journey for listeners 24-hours a day, Sara will flow in blue robes from the fount of her homeland to the foundations of her birthright, in the hope that her future will listen to her journey and join her on the path to her ancestors.

River Thames
River Rhine
River Danube
River Rioni
River Kura
Rivers Chalus and Jajrud

This project is created by the artist Sara Zaltash and supported by Sam Slater, Pervasive Media Studio/WatershedThe Island and the Schumacher Institute.