Delays on the line

Delays on the line, except in life

Time runs for the benefit

Of the same man I ignore,

The neighbour

No doubt, we pass each other

Plainly, contained, gentle,

He clicking poor pop songs

I writing bad poetry, delays

In time marking the benefit

Of ignored neighbours

Solvent bridleways

Crushed fern crows

“Half passage?” said I

To a scar I’d kissed

Decades adding gravity

To bliss hurried with adolescence

Delays on the line,

Making crimes up

The club cornered me

And I twisted tinsel rings

Around little fingers

For my gentle neighbour now


then if we ever spoke

Court shoes, brogues, espadrilles

Lace lacquered delays

On the line, benefit

Bad poetry bridles pop

Passage, papers, sandwich, bridle

I could just ask, “Half

Neighbour, did you really read

All the things with no attention

To space, to delays on the line?”

May 2011

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