Biography & CV

photography by Venus Raven editing by Sam Slater
photography by Venus Raven
editing by Sam Slater

Born in Reading (UK) in 1985 to Iranian parents, Sara Zaltash has been performing as an actor, musician and performer since 2004, focussing on live art since 2011. She has lived and worked in performance in Bristol (UK), San Francisco (USA), London (UK), Tehran (IRI) and Leeds (UK), as well as presenting work all over the UK and in Stockholm (SE), Aurillac (FR), Berlin (DE), Bucharest (RO) and Kaunas (LI).

Sara Zaltash is a Fellow of the Schumacher Institute. She holds a BA Theatre, Film and Television (Bristol, 2008), an MA Performance, Culture, Context (Leeds, 2012), Postgraduate Language Certificate in Persian Language and Literature (Tehran, 2010) and a Graduate Diploma in Law (BPP, 2013). 

During her adult life, Zaltash has developed strong links with Iran and considers her dual heritage to be the starting point for the multiple lives she leads. Her father was completing his PhD in Artificial Intelligence while she was learning to read and write, which shaped her view of the world immeasurably. You could say the same of Reading Festival, the rock music festival which rolls through her home town every year…

Sara Zaltash CV 2016