Artist Statement

“I admit to a deep-rooted conviction that performance is perhaps the only necessary condition for existence.”

photography by Venus Raven.
photography by Venus Raven.

Sara Zaltash is a Bristol-based artist with intersecting trainings in theatre, performance, live art, music and legal practice, creating bold work that enacts her evolving engagement with political, philosophical and spiritual realities. Often, she sings. She is disarmingly personable, enchantingly direct and prone to radicalism. From within popular movements, digital lives and ancient practices, working with live action, community, song, sound, ritual, conceptual enquiry, magic and the divine, Zaltash seeks frontiers, pioneers and revolutions.

At the centre of her practice is the need to challenge everything, including herself, to prise open a space for questions and to create connections across networks. A fast talker and quick thinker, Zaltash’s style is spun from effervescence and heroism, rage and wonder, philosophy and evangelism. The Guardian’s eminent art critic Adrian Searle recently said, ”Zaltash is electrifying… See her if you can.” Thanks, Adrian!

Zaltash’s work contains traces and echoes of her lived experiences. These have involved rejecting authority, worshiping idols, running away, nomadism, the glorious English shires, the misty Alborz mountains, Tehran, the voice of the exile, poetry, road-tripping, the psychedelic era, Erik Davis, counter cultural west-coast American spirituality, the Internet, posthumanism, collective consciousness, Burning Man, Glastonbury, Bristol, Leeds, Adam Young, Fluxus, Berlin, Sam Slater, ]performance s p a c e [, underground subcultures, drugs cultures, activism, permaculture, growing, swimming, running, cycling, yoga, purity and resistance, rock and roll, digital fandom, digital witchcraft, devotion, the Moon, magpies, magick, Annie Lam, Festival International de Théâtre de Rue d’Aurillac, madness, corruption, nepotism, education, academia, the Divine, divination, psychic ability, marriage, loneliness, cancer, fear, music, love and grief.



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