What is the greatest?

So, did you know that it is forbidden to ‘sing’ the Islamic call to prayer? Apparently, if the vowels are excessively elongated and the call becomes more like song, then people won’t understand what is being said to them. Who knew?

I intend no disrespect to Islam. But this weekend I will be singing to call five times, between 6pm Saturday 25th and 6pm Sunday 26th February, at the (in)xclusion 24 hour live art festival. Cannee freckin wait. xxx

Right now, I’ve got some viral Stockholm-fever following my weekend of intense arttings at the Stockholm Independent Art Fair. And by that I don’t mean that my Scandanavian self has become a media frenzy. Me’s got bogies is all. But please check out Paul Dunca, he’s me new fave vampire.





kisses. x


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