I wanna be working with what I’ve got

Whilst thousands of pounds go up in smoke over the ragged Leeds skyline, I’m sat inside my cramped warren trembling from fear of robbers and cowards. Bah fireworks humbug. Guy Fawkes, you have a lot to answer for.

Last week, the stunning, gracious and hilarious performance artist and researcher, Owen Parry, gave me half of his cappuccino as we faced the final day of a three-day performance workshop with Miss Vaginal Davis and Jonathan Berger. Owen has a laugh like a foghorn in drag, and definitely makes it into my Top Five Favourite Performance Artists That I’ve Personally Spoken To list. Here’s Owen in action, in a short film that (I gather) forms the introduction to a live work.

Part of this year’s installment of the Performance Matters symposium, the Framing the Freakazoid workshop and the preceding days of talks and performances that I managed to catch at Toynbee Studios and ]performance space[ were all focused around the notion of Trashing Performance, on exploring ‘the power of creative expressions that willfully debunk or ignore cultural ideals and hierarchies of critical value’. Indeed. Well, my time in the smoke certainly opened my eyes and arms to the range of trash coming out of the capital’s performance scene. I’ll be ripping open the proverbial bin-liners a performative lecture demonstration at the Compass Festival of Live Art‘s scratch platform, Compass Late on Friday 25th November 2011. For more information on Freaking London, watch this freakin space.

Or watch this. YAY.

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