2002: Palindrome

So, this is pretty chuffing spesh. Like, more spesh than a shiny red cape and rhizomatic fractals. Like, MORE spesh than pumpkin and passionfruit jam. Superspesh is this.

Nick Montfort and William Gillespie have written a perfect palindrome of a novel. 2002 words of the glitchy cyberpunk romance of Bob and Babs (handy names for the palindromic protagonists). It may be almost 9 years old now, but you have to wonder, will any writers in the Oulipo tradition(or here for Gillespie’s autobiographical essay on constraints and collaboration) bother to try and out-do Montfort and Gillespie’s achievement?

Found while hunting the metaverse for my next morsel of certified knowledge (ie, a doctoral or second masters degree), the natural habitat of this electronic entree interfaces the wafty arborescent energies of art and technology. Quite the digi-meal, my postprandial ponderings are pushing me towards a possibility: that I may, in fact, one day have reason to go to MIT.

If I did, I’d probably meet quite a few people who like out-doing the achievements of others just for shitz, ya know.

Anyhoo, nuffadat. Read this and BOGGLE.



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